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IP Telephony

Now more than ever, today’s businesses rely heavily on technology to stay competitive or even get head of the game. IP convergence leverages the existing data infrastructure for data, voice and fax services on a converged infrastructure.

IP telephony allows you to transport telephone calls over existing data infrastructure, using traditional telephony devices, dedicated terminals or IP phones. The major benefits of IP telephony are the significant cost savings and ease of implementation of innovative services. Soldap Integrated Services Limitged shall help you maximize your networking investment by providing you with high quality voice communications that can seamlessly connect your entire enterprise.

We will provide you with the flexibility and expertise needed to transition from a traditional PBX based telephony infrastructure to a fully functional, cost-saving IP based telephony solution. We will design, deploy, and manage the solution that’s right for you.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimum use of existing data infrastructure
  • Supports your calling needs with a rich set of voice features
  • Easy interoperability with existing traditional PBXs
  • Enhanced Voice quality
  • Flexibility of deploying advanced features enterprise-wide
  • Software based features-sets that allow for easy scalability

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