• We have a team of dedicated, competent, qualified and experienced engineers whose vision is to achieve total customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Our frameworks and accelerators are an integral part of our methodology to deliver IT consulting services with efficiency
  • We are committed to design and implement a solution that will drive your business to safe destination of prosperity.
In our quest to become the best IT service management company, our IT principles are unified with your organization's comprehensive plan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the old trend in the IT industry offering to customers total quality service that includes fast response to inquiries, competitive pricing, after sales support and also to offer professional advice on how values can be added to customers existing network.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier data communication technologies solutions provider in Nigeria.

Managed Service

Soldap IT Service Management (ITSM) offering encompasses the entire lifecycle of ITSM and beyond. We have deep capabilities with cross vendor tools implementation, customization, migration and support. We recognize the fact that IT needs to keep pace with rapidly changing business environment. The transformational services prepares the IT organization for improved responsiveness, compliance and better service level management.

Our Managed services and solutions are delivered by Distributed Computing Services, Unified Communications and Hosting units within Soldap

Our Managed Services Division focuses on infrastructure services and solutions in the following disciplines:

  • Remote managed services encompassing the ICT assets in the entire enterprise;
  • Secure, peer to peer, unified communication services;
  • Advanced enterprise computing services including processing, storage management and hosting services;
  • Application hosting and support;
  • Distributed file services, incorporating desktop, output management and mobile devices

Our Partners